Shes the best!
— Christy
She IS the past, present & future of makeup.
— Darcy
An awesome line with great pigments! Stephanie Rodriguez rocks at what she does!
— Aviance
Excellent make up artist!!!
— Myriam
Stephanie is awesome and very talented. She is such a business woman I admire! Getting to know her is such a great blessing. When you meet her, or get to talk to her in person. You will see the true person she is personally and professionally. God Bless!
— Quetta
Extremely talented makeup artist! She’s fast yet flawless! Thank you for making me and my girls look stunning!
— Nina
Stephanie’s a great make-up artist! her make-up line are the best. SHE IS REALLY GOOD AT WHAT SHE DOES SHE IS THE BEST ,, MAKE-UP ARTIST ! I RECOMMEND HER!
— Fanny
My nails are bomb! :-) so shiny and were done super fast!
A very creative woman with make up artistry and has passion for her work in the future of make-up artistry , keep rocking Stephanie.
— Robert
An amazing makeup line of pigments! cant wait for the lip gloss! Stephanie Rodriguez is a great makeup artist with a wonderful personality and a good friend! I would recommend her any day of the week!
— Neva The Diva
I love the colors she makes my favorite was the champaign and the pumpkin eye shadows. Also I love the pictures she posts when she does her thing. I’m not into Halloween but her skills amaze me.
— Marisol
I love the colors she makes! favorite was the champaign and pumpkin eye shadow. Also I love the pictures she posts when she does her thing. I’m not into Halloween but her skills amazes me.
— Marisol
Thank you :) always for beautiful work. She’s amazing at Blending!
Fifi was awesome! she was the first one to arrive on set and was very sweet and polite. Loved working with her and my girls loved her too! she did a great job working on my girls makeup i would use her service over and over with no second thoughts
— Yari
I give my recommendation for this young lady who exudes such style, beauty, and fierceness. Continue to do beautiful makeup and keep up the good work Stephanie.
— Nora
Stephanie Rodriguez is an amazing make- up artist with a fantastic personality. She will make you feel comfortable, laugh, etc. all while doing what she dose best. She is not afraid to go out side the box. Just tell her what look you want and she can do it weather it is crazy, sexy, fun or subtle.
— Pam
Stephanie was very respectful and professional. Her choice of music while working was awesome. One can definitely sense her love, knowledge and talent for her job. She transformed me on the day of my wedding :-)
— Melissa
I received a facial Sunday 2/15 from Stephanie. I was very easily accommodated. The experience was very easy and relaxing. My skin though is superb! Everything that has been plaguing me about my clogged skin is gone. No more acne and my skin looks refreshed! I actually received a compliment the day of about how great my skin looked!
— Sara
She is the best. Always feel comfortable with her I am so glad my mother brought me to her she is going to do my wedding makeup and hair. I’m really excited :)
— Jacqueline
Stephanie is so talented in all that she does! Amazing makeup artist and esthetician, her body scrubs leave my skin feeling amazing and I have seen drastic improvements in my acne scars because of it!
— Stephanie P.
A fierce force exploding with talent! Love her work and her makeup!
— Crystal
I just received my coconut and almond scrub .Wow !! it’s amazing smells so good you want to eat it!
it makes your skin feels so soft all over
— Janice S
I just got home from a long day at work and found the package sitting on my door steps!! I just scrubbed my face (coffee) and my skin smells and feels amazing!! Thanks. I’m going to try the coconut one next before bed!
— Reina
FiFi did an outstanding job on my wedding morning!!!! She took the time to wake up extra early and make us all look beautiful! was very patient with us all and I felt prettier than Kim Kardashian on my wedding day. It was an honor for her to work her magic on us all Especially, MEEEEE!!!!!! I definitely would refer anyone to her!!!! Not only is she professional she also is considerate to our thoughts and ideas, She takes all of that and whips up a Picture Perfect Moment that will always be remembered. Thanks Again FiFi!!!!
— Jitara

Loved my facial!! My face is so soft! It was relaxing. Then you get a nice massage too!! Omg it was great I highly recommend you come see Stephanie!!

-Brigitte P